Program Title Author Year
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MADEM Maternal Health-Seeking Behaviors of Young Women in the Philippines Mellanie C. Yubia 2011
MADEM Intimate Partner Violence and Unmet Need for Family Planning in the Philippines: Findings from the 2008 National Demographic and Health Survey Lyra Gay Ellies S. Borja 2011
MADEM Factors Associated With Rural Out-Migration: A Household Level Study In Kanglung Gewog Trashigang, Bhutan Jamyang Choda 2011
MADEM Labour Force Participation and Working Life Table of Bhutan Tashi Dorji 2011
MADEM Correlates of Parent-Child Connectedness and Premarital Sexual Behaviors Among Children Raised by Biological Parents Crisanto L. Galay, Jr. 2010
MADEM Cohort Differences in the Sequencing of Marriage and Birth Among Women in the Philippines Zyralie A. Lotivio 2010
MADEM Estimation and Analysis of Dzongkhag Fertility in Bhutan Pema Namgay 2010
MADEM Disability Patterns in Bhutan Bholanath Bhattarai 2010
MADEM Infant and Child Survival in Bhutan: A Life Table Analysis Tashi Dorjee 2010
MADEM Philippine Fertility Transition: Application of the Bongaarts’ Model Christian Joy P. Cruz 2008
MADEM Determinants of Acute Respiratory Infection among Children Under-Five Years of age in the Philippines Ma. Victoria C. Rodriguez 2008
MADEM Determinants of Infant and Child Mortality in the Philippines (1998-2003) Astrid A. Alcantara 2008
MPOPS Determinants of Extramarital Sex Among Filipino Men Jeofrey B. Abalos 2008
MADEM An Analysis of Poverty, Family Planning Practice and Fertility in the Bicol Region Randolf Se Sasota 2007
MADEM Recent Pregnancies of Filipino Mothers: The Link Between Maternal Health Status and Health Care Utilization Nancy M. Landicho 2006
MADEM The Social Network of the Filipino Older People Cristabel Rose F. Parcon 2005
MADEM Generation of the Philippine Working Life Tables: Some Methodological Considerations Dhona Sta. Rosa Reyes 2005
MADEM Migration and Fertility Linkage: The Philippine Case Rosalyn Romo Echem 2004
MADEM The Filipino Elderly as a Resource Jasmin B. Sorita 2004
MADEM Indirect Estimation of Maternal Mortality in the Philippines: National, Regional and Provincial Levels Leslie del Puerto Escalada 2004
MADEM Migration and Solid Waste Disposal in Metro Manila Arnisson Andre C. Ortega 2004
MADEM Effects of Home- and School-Leaving on Filipino Adolescents’ Sexual Initiation Elma P. Laguna 2003
MADEM Towards a Typology of Unsafe Sexual Behavior among Filipino Youth Marie Grace R. Mateo 2003
MADEM Unwanted Fertility in the Philippines: Re-Measurement to Establish Level, Trends, Differentials and Determinants Tomomichi Yamada 2002