Program Title Author Year
MADEM A Comparative Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Four Family Planning Service Delivery Agencies in Nepal Ram P. Risal 1986
MADEM Socioeconomic, Cultural and Attitudinal Determinants of Female Marriage Timing Angelito M. Deaño 1985
MADEM Migrant Adaptation in Metro Manila Nimfa B. Ogena 1984
MADEM Rural Resettlement, Community Satisfaction and Migration: A case study of the Narra Settlement Project Aurora E. Perez 1984
MADEM Stratal Variations in the Philippine Fertility Differentials, 1973-1977 Maria Fe S. Villamejor 1984
MADEM Husband-Wife Discrepancies in Fertility-Related Attitudes and Perceptions: Levels, Correlates and their Influence on Contraception Practice Maruja Milagros B. Asis 1984
MADEM Estimation of Basic Demographic Parameters and An Assessment of the Afghanistan Census of 1979 Mohtasham Shalikar 1983
MADEM An Analysis on Socio-Economic Characteristics of the 1979 Afghan Population Ghulam Hazrat Ashrati 1983
MADEM Historical Analysis of Inter-Regional Migration in the Philippines Thelma S. Bernardo 1982
MADEM Correlates of Contraceptive Use and Breastfeeding Practice Alan Banzon Feranil 1982
MADEM Contraceptive Practice in Greater Legazpi: An Application of the Fertility Component System Helen Solis-David 1980
MADEM Determinants of Philippine Inter-Regional Migration: 1960-1970 Arlyne G. De Los Santos 1980
MADEM Female Labor Force Participation and Fertility in the Philippines Ruby Roque-Villa 1979
MADEM The Influence of Infant and Child Mortality on Fertility in Bohol Province Julieta A. Jimeno 1979
MADEM Demographic Effects and Complications of IUD Insertion in the Immediate Post-Abortal Period Solina R. Iglesias 1977
MADEM Mortality Differences Among Racial Communities in Peninsular Malaysia and Their Implications on Economically Active Life Abdul Majid Mat Salleh 1976
MADEM The Validity of Measuring Philippine Fertility Change Through Birth History Analysis Josefina V. Cabigon 1976
MADEM Social Mobility via Marriage in the Philippines Nilda Medalle Castro 1976
MADEM Urbanization and Internal Migration in 45 Philippine Cities During the 1960’s Vicente D. Mariano 1975
MADEM Demographic, Psychological, and Combined Approaches as Determinants of Family Planning-Related Attitudes and Behavior Geoffrey A. Hirsch 1975
MADEM Urbanization in the Central and Eastern Visayas Macrina Kilaton-Abenoja 1975
MADEM The Characteristics of, and Extent of Unemployment among the Philippine High-Level Manpower Corazon M. Raymundo 1971
MADEM A Study of Inter-Generational Occupational Mobility in the Philippines Melinda Medalle Bacol 1971
MADEM Cohort Fertility: A Case Study of a Philippine Community Amparo Mariano Abeleda 1970
MADEM Household and Family Structure in Bay, Laguna and Its Implications for Social Mobility Patricio Briones Mariano 1970