Working Paper Series

Disability levels and differentials among Older Filipinos

Using the available data, this paper aims to provide a measure of the level and differentials in disability among older Filipinos ages 60 years and over using the Washington Group Short Set of Questions on Disability Measure collected in the 2010 Philippine Census of Population and Housing (CPH). It examines the differentials in disability by sex for each of the six individual items and in the summary measure of disability (i.e. those who experienced at least one disability). In particular, it examines the gender difference in disability prevalence across age, urban-rural residence, region of residence, marital status and education.

UP Wellness Initiative for Seniors & Elders (UPWISE) - Project 1 Developing Collaborations, Demography and Situational Assessment

The UP Wellness Initiative for Seniors and Elders (UPWISE) is a project funded by the University of the Philippines System which aims to come up with an overall picture of the status of older persons at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Older persons covered by the project are UP faculty or staff that have retired or are currently employed age 55 years or older....