Program Title Author Year
MPOPS Advancing Social Vulnerability Assessment of Filipinos to Typhoons Anna Amalia B. Vibar 2024
MPOPS Predictors of Help-Seeking Behavior among Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence in the Philippines Mejedin R. Tena 2024
MPOPS Egalitarian Gender Role Attitudes Between Filipino Males and Females Lyka T. Manglal-lan 2024
MADEM Paying It Forward: Assessing the Correlates of Generativity Among Older Persons in the Philippines Leonardo M. Jaminola III 2023
MADEM Correlates of Healthcare Utilization and Unmet Need for Healthcare Services Among Older Filipinos Mark Ryan B. Paguirigan 2023
MADEM Typology and Healthcare Utilization of One-Person Households in the Philippines Maria Celeste H. Hermida 2023
MADEM Teen Motherhood and Employment Outcomes in the Philippines with Education as Mediator Jane Alexandra A. Siwa 2023
MADEM Mind the Gap: An Analysis of the Discontinuity Between Antenatal Care and Facility-Based Delivery Among Filipino Mothers Denise Hyacinth Joy B. Musni 2022
MADEM Gender Differences in the Association Between Widowhood and Depressive Symptoms Among Older Filipinos Maria Karlene Shawn Isla Cabaraban 2022
MADEM Age Patterns of Migrants and Stayers of Metro Manila by Sex, Education, and Wealth Status, 2005-2010 Jolly Mae G. Catalan 2021
MADEM Demographic Correlates of Late-Life Depression in the Philippines: Exploring Gender Differences Sanny Boy Domingo Afable 2021
MPOPS Demographic Considerations in Climate Change Action Planning: The Use of Population Dynamics in Reference Scenarios for Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment Jean Paula B. Regulano 2021
MADEM Teenage Childbearing and Early School-Leaving: Parental Determinants and Consequences on Well-Being Racine Denise C. Maniego 2019
MADEM The Association Between Domestic Violence and Selected Reproductive Health Outcomes Teodoro M. Orteza 2019
MADEM Estimating Fertility Rates at Subnational Levels in the Philippines Marjorie B. Villaver 2019
MPOPS Leisure Activities and Self-Assessed Health Status of Filipino Older Persons Gloren R. Hinlo 2019
MADEM The Relationship Between Religiosity and Fertility in Developing Countries: A Comparison of Five Major Religions Sheena Kristine dela Merced Cases 2019
MPOPS Gender Differences in Factors Affecting Approval of Marriage in Later Years among Older Filipinos Elaeza P. Abellar 2018
MPOPS Decomposing the Mortality Decline in the Philippines from 1960 to 2010 using Arriaga’s Method Klarriness P. Tanalgo 2018
MPOPS Assessment of Access to Family Planning Services in the Philippines using Spatial Analysis with Geographic Information Systems Marianne Amparo P. Guzman 2017
MADEM The Role of Filipino Women's Context of First Birth on their Fertility and Socioeconomic Situation Angelique F. Ogena 2016
MADEM The Effects of Attitudes on Sex Roles, Marriage, and Homosexuality on Premarital Sex among Never Married Filipino Youth Maria Rosalyn Victoria N. Fonacier 2016
MPOPS Parental Influences on Smoking and Drinking in Late Adolescence Chrisiel M. Arabit 2016
MPOPS Keeping Abreast on Infant Feeding: Pregnancy Intention, Maternal, and Health Factors That Are Associated with Breastfeeding Practices in the Philippines Johanna Marie Astrid E. Acielo 2016
MADEM Assessment of Death Registration in the Philippines and Indirect Estimation of the 2010 Infant Mortality Rates Marizza B. Grande 2015