• Posted on: 20 February 2024

Quantifying Tomorrow: UPPI releases a documentation report on the 2020 Census-based National Population Projections

Members of the Interagency Working Group on Population Projections (IAWGPP) with consultants from the US Census Bureau.

The University of the Philippines Population Institute is pleased to present the Documentation Report of the 2020 Census-based National Population Projections, officially released by the Philippine Statistics Authority on 31 January 2024.

The report contains technical details, methodological decisions, and scenario building made by the IAWGPP and the SWGs to create a 35-year population projection that recognizes the impact of COVID-19 on all demographic processes of births, deaths, and migration. It also accounts for the patterns observed globally.

Highlights of this report include discussions on the cohort-component method as the most appropriate means to calculate projections, strategies implemented by the team to address issues related to data gaps and data quality, and the utilization of Demographic Analysis and Population Projection System (DAPPS), the software designed by the US Census Bureau to project populations.

The 2020 Census-based National Population Projection is part of UPPI’s extension services. The report is a collaborative effort of the Institute’s faculty who are members of the Interagency Working Group on Population Projections (IAWGPP), chaired by Dr. Grace T. Cruz. Authors Dr. Maria Midea M. Kabamalan, Dr. Elma P. Laguna, Dr. Cruz, and Dr. Nimfa B. Ogena lead the Small Working Groups (SWG) on Base Population, Fertility, Mortality, and Migration, respectively.

This report is the outcome of the two-week workshop held last August 1-11, 2023 and facilitated by Drs. Nobuko Mizoguchi and Anne Morse of the US Census Bureau. Technical support to the workshop was provided by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA-Philippines).

The report can be accessed here.