• Posted on: 25 October 2021

MPOPS student presents pre-print paper on anticipatory climate change action planning

Ms. Jean Paula B. Regulano, a UPPI graduate student, successfully presented her pre-print research paper entitled "Demographic Considerations in Climate Change Action Planning: The Use of Population Dynamics in Reference Scenarios for Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment" as the final requirement for the degree of Masters in Population Studies (MPOPS). The presentation was made via Zoom on October 21, 2021 and was attended by faculty members of UPPI and a number of graduate students.

In her research, Ms. Regulano expanded the exposure analysis tool used in risk and vulnerability assessments for local climate change action planning, towards more anticipatory and fit-for-purpose approach to climate resilience. Following the recently release Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report, the existing tool was modified to utilize reference scenarios, as suggested by the report.

Based on both historical population counts and projections, correlation and regression analyses between indices from the existing and modified tools were done using data from two select provinces. The study recommended the feasibility of obtaining risk scores based on population estimates and projections, putting in place an anticipatory mechanism to address climate risks and vulnerabilities. In this way, local government units will have local climate change action plans that are preemptive of the worst climate change impacts, as well responsive to the needs of the people, with included contingency planning.

Ms. Regulano is a grantee of the Josefina V. Cabigon Memorial Scholarship (JVCMS). In working on her study Ms. Regulano benefited from the technical guidance provided by the UPPI faculty. Her pre-print paper adviser was Dr. Vicente B. Jurlano and Dr. Elma P. Laguna served as paper critic.

Ms. Jean Paula B. Regulano (top left) and UPPI faculty, staff and graduate students during her pre-print paper presentation.