Social Mobility via Marriage in the Philippines

by Nilda Medalle Castro, Master of Arts in Demography (1976)

This study investigates the social mobility process via marriage among Filipino women. It uses the 1973 National Demographic Survey sample of currently-married women married only once with husband still living in the present household.

The investigation is divided into three parts. First, patterns of social mobility via marriage are examined utilizing three approaches: the conventional percentage-distribution analysis, the application of a “perfect-independence” and a “quasi-independence” model. An assessment of the role of some ascribed and achieved social status via marriage follows. This portion makes use of the Simon-Bialock technique for evaluating causal models and path analysis. Finally, an attempt is made to determine the relationship between social mobility via marriage and fertility using simple and multi cross-tabulations.

The analysis carried out both in the national and urban-rural levels.