Source: Institute of European and American Studies

Dr. Yasuhiko Saito

Adjunct Professor
Health Services & Systems Research Programme
Duke NUS Medical School





Dr. Saito has been collaborating with faculty-researchers at the UP Population Institute on aging research starting with the 1996 Philippine Elderly Survey (PES) and followed by the 2007 Philippine Study on Aging (PSOA). This has led to the publication of several papers on aging in the Philippines including Active life expectancy and functional health transition among Filipino older people, Work, retirement, and the gender divide in the Philippines, and Gender and economic well-being among older Filipinos.

Dr. Saito and a number of UPPI faculty are collaborating on a new research project which will follow up on the findings of the 1996 PES and the 2007 PSOA. The project is slated to start in the second quarter of 2018.