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Dr. Sabine Henry

Professor, Department of Geography
University of Namur


Dr. Sabine Henry is lead researcher for the University of Namur in its academic collaboration with the University of the Philippines Population Institute under the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The partnership is now in its second installment with a fresh list of exchange students from the UPPI and new schedules and engagements for doctoral student Elizabeth Henriet of Namur, Dr. Henry, and Dr. Grace T. Cruz, lead UPPI researcher.

In 2016, the UP Population Institute-University of Namur Erasmus+ Exchange Programme saw the deployment of Ms. Henriet in Giuian, Eastern Samar in the first half of the year and hosting at the UPPI, three-month fellowships for UPPI master students Charmaine T. Perez (MPOPS) and Maria Celeste H. Hermida (MADEM) in Namur from September to December, and three lectures by Dr. Henry from October through November at the UPPI Seminar Room. In February 2017, Dr. Cruz gave lectures on demographic concepts and measures to graduating students of the University of Namur and took part in the mid-term evaluation of Henriet’s doctoral research.