Consultative and Advisory Services

There was increasing awareness within the country of the importance of considering population factors in relation to government, economic and social policy and program. However, the scarcity of demographic personnel had made it difficult for government agencies and others to obtain demographic consultative and advisory services. UPPI was to provide such services as desired.

At the same time, the Institute would take steps to secure the collaboration and assistance of other agencies contributing significantly to the population field. In particular, it would make full use of the many resources available at UP. For example, the Statistical Training Centre would provide consultative services on sampling and evaluation of survey results. The Institute of Economic Development and Research would provide advice on the interrelationship between population and economic development. Similarly, the Institute of Hygiene and the College of Agriculture would contribute through their studies of communities. The Institute of Asian Studies and the Community Development Research Council were two other units whose specialized studies would be utilized in the overall research scheme.

It was necessary to keep in close contact with national government agencies interested in population studies. These agencies included the National Economic Council (now the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), the Program Implementation Agency (now the Presidential Management Staff), the National Science Development Board (now the Department of Science and Technology or DOST), the Disease Intelligence Center of the Department of Health and the Bureau of the Census and Statistics (now National Statistics Office or NSO).

Physical Plant

Owing to lack of financial resources, the plan for a separate building for the Population Institute as part of the Public Affairs Complex never materialized. In 1985, the UP administration required all graduate units to be located in the Diliman campus to make way for the transfer of the College of Pharmacy to the Manila campus. Hence, the Population Institute was provided permanent space at Palma Hall in Diliman and allotted part of the space occupied by the College of Pharmacy.