matters. After the first four years of funding the Institute’s faculty development, scholarship program and library, the Ford Foundation extended its financial support for no more than four years, on a matching-grant basis.

The Population Institute was headed by a director responsible for the administration of the training program and the direction of the Institute’s research program. As the Institute developed there was provision for an associate director to serve as a deputy to the director and as acting director in the director’s absence.

The Institute’s professional personnel, appointed by the director, consisted of research associates and teaching faculty, both of whom undertook research and teaching functions as may be required. Research associates had to have an M.A., preferably in demography or in a related discipline. Senior research associates had to have Ph.D. degrees in demography or in a related discipline. Research assistants were appointed as needed and consisted in the main of graduates majoring in demography or in related disciplines. All members of the Institute professional personnel and staff performed their Institute functions as assigned and directed by the Institute director.

Training Program

The Population Institute is responsible, in cooperation with appropriate departments of UP, for administering a training program in population studies leading to the M.A. degree in demography. The program is inter-disciplinary and assures the production of demographic personnel with backgrounds in such relevant fields as economics, sociology, social psychology, geography, anthropology, statistics and other areas as may be desirable.

The program, in addition to turning out persons with demographic training equipped to contribute to demographic work in government and other agencies, would serve as a basis for discovering exceptionally qualified students who merit further training, including Ph.D. training, at universities abroad. In addition to the academic program, the Population Institute also administered an in-service training program, the purpose of which was to provide government personnel with specific types of demographic skills.

Research Program

A major obligation of UPPI was to develop, design, and administer research programs in demography to assist government in planning, economic, educational, and other activities in respect to which policy and program must necessarily deal with population size, distribution, composition, and components of population change. UPPI was to serve as the focal point for the analysis of demographic information and the dissemination of knowledge in this field to the government and to the Filipino people. Moreover, the Institute was to be the major unit for academic research in demography at UP. It was to assist the country’s other educational and research institutions in the development and conduct of demographic programs; and in the design and conduct of evaluative research on any population action-programs undertaken by government or other suitable agencies.