• Posted on: 26 October 2020

Undergraduate students can now enroll in a Demography course with the approval of DEMO 1: Population Studies in the Contemporary World by the UP President on September 1, 2020. DEMO 1 is UPPI’s first General Education (GE) course which aims to introduce demography and population-related issues, concepts and measures at the undergraduate level and hopefully create greater interest in the pursuit of a graduate program in Demography and Population Studies which are offered by UPPI.

Population factors affect all areas of human activity: social, economic, cultural, and political. DEMO 1 seeks to introduce undergraduate students to demographic perspectives in understanding populations and its applications in life. Demographers and population specialists ask the questions: How many people are there? What are their attributes – by age, sex, education? How are they distributed over a given land area? How do the processes of fertility, mortality, migration shape a population’s size, composition and distribution over time? Answers to these questions often lead to an untangling of the relationship between demographic and socio-economic factors. For example, what happens when families become smaller because fewer babies are born? What are the consequences of improvements in life expectancy, such that those who are born today expect to live much longer than the previous generations? What is the relationship between the more developed and the less developed countries in terms of migration?

Many of the critical issues of today can be better understood from a demographic perspective, that means, examining issues in relation to population size, its composition or structure, distribution, and the basic processes that directly shape the population, namely births, deaths, migration, and marriage.

UPPI will start offering DEMO 1 next semester i.e. 2nd Semester, AY 2020-2021.