Determinants of Extramarital Sex Among Filipino Men

by Jeofrey B. Abalos (2008)


This paper examines some factors associated with extramarital sexual experience of Filipino men using the 2003 Philippine National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS). Despite the “low and slow” AIDS situation in the country, it still important to understand the factors associated with this risky behavior of Filipino men because they act as “key agents” that open the gateway for the entry of sexually transmitted disease such as HIV in the Filipino household.

Results show that 21 percent of all Filipino men in union have had extramarital sexual experience. Those who have engaged in sex at a younger age, who are incapable to have another child, have been drunk in the three months preceding the survey are more likely to engage in extramarital sex than their counterparts. In addition, those who are Muslim, had low level of education, and who are legally married are less likely to engage in extramarital sex than their counterparts.

These findings underscore the health threats Filipino men may be facing because of their risky sexual activity. The risk is further compounded by other sexual and nonsexual risky behaviors that are found to be associated with their extramarital sexual experience. Extramarital sex then is one of the important pieces that complete the puzzle in understanding HIV transmission in the Philippines.

Keywords: Extramarital sex, Sexual behavior, Filipino men