An Analysis on Socio-Economic Characteristics of the 1979 Afghan Population

by Ghulam Hazrat Ashrati, Master of Arts in Demography (1983)

In this study, the reasonability and validity of the CSO published information on selected socio-economic characteristics reported in the 1979 population census of Afghanistan was assessed through a comparison of the CSO information with model population (Iran 1956) and Administrative Statistics (Afghanistan 1979) on selected socio-economic characteristics. Differential analysis was done of the CSO information on socio-economic characteristics which were deemed plausible, and in some instances on the readjusted socio-economic characteristics following the findings from the comparisons made.

It should be mentioned that omission found in the CSO published data on employment status and industry are readjusted. Such readjustment included types of activity, major groups of occupation, employment of the economically active population and industry of the economically active population.

The thesis provides an expanded analysis of the CSO first report on the selected socio-economic characteristics. The conclusions drawn from the analysis done in this thesis are presented in the final chapter, together with recommendations on the use of the 1979 census data on socio-economic characteristics for social and economic developmental planning and program formulation of the country. Directions for future research on this topic are also indicated.