The Philippine Labor Force: A Review of Existing Data and an Analysis of Occupational Changes

by Milagros Rodriguez Rañoa, Master of Arts in Demography (1968)

Two sources of date, the Philippine censuses and the Bureau of the Census and Statistics Survey of Households, were analyzed to ascertain the occupational trends and patterns of the Philippine labor force. In addition, the changes in industrial structure occurring between 1948-1965 were also studied.

The deficiencies of the sources of information, the concepts and classification system used in the collection and processing of data, and the biases entering in any comparison, are dealt with in the report. The inventory and assessment of labor force data revealed the areas where considerable strengthening was required.

The occupational trends in the manufacturing industries depicted in the 1948 and 1960 censuses were singled out in the belief that the problems manifested in this sector were a good indication of the level of economic progress obtaining in the country.