Source: Mount Saint Vincent University

Dr. Zachary Zimmer

Professor, Canada Research Chair in Aging and Community
Mount Saint Vincent University
Nova Scotia, Canada





Dr. Zachary Zimmer has collaborated with a number of faculty-researchers at the UP Population Institute on aging research. With Dr. Josefina N. Natividad and other scholars, he co-authored Chapter 9 of The well-being of the elderly in Asia: A four-country comparative study, a comprehensive, pathbreaking research on the status of elderly in the Philippines and three other Asian countries across a multiple of economic, health, and social factors. He also co-authored a chapter of Emerging issues of health and mortality in the Asian and Pacific region with Dr. Grace T. Cruz of the UPPI, among other scholars.

With Dr. Natividad and other scholars, Dr. Zimmer also co-authored a journal article entitled How indicators of socioeconomic status relate to physical functioning of older adults in three Asian societies.