Source: OSU Department of Sociology

Dr. John Casterline

Professor in Population Studies, Department of Sociology/Director, Institute for Population Research
Ohio State University
Ohio, USA





Dr. John Casterline has spent around two decades from the early 1980s onwards conducting research and collaborative work with, among others, faculty-researchers of the UP Population Institute on matters of demography and population studies in the Philippines. His work ranges from looking into Fertility in the Philippines in the late 1970s to elderly and aging issues like The position of the elderly in the Philippines: preliminary statistical analysis of the ASEAN survey data, co-authored with, among others, Dr. Maria Midea M. Kabamalan, Differences in the living arrangements of the elderly in four Asian countries: the interplay of constraints and preferences, co-authored with, among others, then UPPI Director Lita J. Domingo, Living arrangements of the Filipino elderly, again with Dr. Domingo, and on unmet need for family planning with Factors underlying unmet need for family planning in the Philippines and Spouses' views of vontraception in the Philippines, both co-authored with Dr. Aurora E. Perez of UPPI and Dr. Ann E. Biddlecom.