Source: Population Studies Center

Dr. Albert Hermalin

Professor Emeritus, Population Studies Center
University of Michigan
Michigan, USA




Dr. Albert Hermalin is the editor and lead author of The well-being of the elderly in Asia: A four-country comparative study, a comprehensive, pathbreaking research on the status of elderly in the Philippines and three other Asian countries across a multiple of economic, health, and social factors. This book is widely-referenced and remains as the mainstay of population studies in terms of aging in the Asian setting. In two of the 13 chapters of the book, a current faculty member of the UP Population Institute- Dr. Josefina N. Natividad, is co-author.

In 2007, Dr. Hermalin also co-wrote an article with Dr. Natividad, among other researchers, called Short-term trends in functional limitation and disability among older Asians: A comparison of five Asian settings.