Posted on: 30 April 2018


The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is collaborating with the University of the Philippines, particularly, with the Population Institute of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy in the Diliman campus, to undertake the country’s first ever National Migration Survey (NMS). This survey arose from the need for baseline data on the mobility of the Philippine population as specified in the Philippine Statistical Development Program for 2011-2017. The data would be valuable for researchers and analysts in the government and other sectors involved in migration studies.

The UPPI was called upon to do the task which includes the survey of about 45,000 households nationwide across all regions by 360 experienced and trained supervisors and field workers and the subsequent data processing, generation of statistical tables, preparation and submission of reports. Initial preparatory work has already been done by the UPPI for the NMS last year.

The survey aims to accomplish the following objectives: 1. Estimation of international and inter-regional migration flows and major migration streams; 2. Examination of different types of migration and characteristics of migrants; 3. Determination of levels, patterns and processes of migration; and 4. Identification of factors that affect the levels, patterns and processes of migration.

Upcoming project activities will be the training of field workers and supervisors per region or regional cluster from May to June 2018. Fieldwork will begin in May until August.