National Demographic Survey 1988

This is the fifth of a series of the National Demographic Surveys (NDS) conducted to (1) obtain national and regional estimates of levels and trends of fertility, mortality and internal migration; (2) examine the differentials and determinants of fertility, mortality and internal migration; (3) examine factors influencing social mobility; and (4) explore the extent and nature of international migration. This is a regular module of the Integrated Survey of Households of the National Statistics Office (NSO) conducted every five (5) years.

This survey was designed to elicit information on individual characteristics; international migration, mortality, fertility, nuptiality and family planning, spatial mobility and social mobility. Much of these information are available for each person aged 15 and over in the sample. Other information are available only for ever‑married or currently‑married females aged 15 years and over.

The 1988 NDS is a nationwide survey and utilized a stratified 2‑stage random sampling involving visit and interview of about 19,000 households in a little over 2,000 barangays. This in turn contained more than 99,000 persons in May 1988. Of these, 13,716 are ever-married women aged 15 to 49 years old.